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Modern GUI Apps With CustomTkinter

Python doesn't have to look old and stodgy anymore! With the CustomTkinter library, you can make your app look awesome.

Modern GUI Apps With TTKBootstrap

Another Modern GUI library for Tkinter! TTKBootstrap offers the look and feel of the massively popular Bootstrap CSS Framework.

Build an AI Powered Image Generator App

In this courses we'll build an AI Image Generator App that connects to OpenAI's Dall-E AI model to generate any image you want.


Build an OpenAI Text Transcriber App With Tkinter

We'll create an AI-Powered app that that will take any video, strip the audio out of it, and then transcribe the text using AI.

Text Completion ChatGPT Bot with CustomTkinter

Let's build a fun little AI-Powered chat bot that connects to the OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT, to leverage the chat API.

Introduction To Tkinter For Python GUI Apps

New to Tkinter? This course is your first stop! Learn Tkinter from intro to advanced in this course and get up to speed fast!


Build a Paint App With Tkinter

In this course we'll build a fun little paint-shop-like app that lets you draw pictures using the Tkinter canvas. This is a fun one!

Build an MP3 Player App With Tkinter

In this course we'll build an MP3 player app. Add songs, scrub through the songs, delete songs etc. Lot's to learn here!

Tkinter Widget Library

Quickly and easily look up every single Tkinter and TTK widget and get their complete list of attributes in this course.


Tkinter App Projects Course

In this course we build about a dozen or so little Tkinter app projects. Each project teaches you something new in Tkinter.

Tkinter Members Only Facebook Group

As a Tkinter Member, you get access to the Members-Only Facebook group where you can ask questions, interact with other members and more.

Tkinter Widget Quick Reference Guide

Grab a free pdf copy of my Tkinter Widget Quick Reference Guide book here. It lists all the Tkinter widgets and their attributes.

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